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For Chapters & Councils

Nimble, Interactive & Custom-Built For Your Needs

Nik's Kínisi workshops help chapters and councils learn to lead through a Strategic Identity, and can be tailored to organizational leadership, recruitment, and strategic planning sessions. Nik will speak with your student leaders prior to any workshop to determine their interests and needs and determine which may be the best fit. 

Workshops for councils are exceptionally affordable - recognizing that student dollars are often footing the bill for educational programming - and can help your community craft a progressive expansion plan, reform governing policies, and help chapter leaders identify their place on campus. 

Chapter-level workshops are provided at the cost of travel and accommodations, and are therefore limited in availability throughout the year. Chapter workshops must be at the determination of students, and cannot be purchased as part of a sanctions package.

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Student Workshops Include. . .

Growing For Good

Nik is a recruitment expert, having crafted industry-leading national growth programs and helping chapters more than double in size. Growing For Good uses Kínisi's integrative approach and covers strategic planning, relationship building techniques, and fostering the development of new members. 

Policy Reform

These workshops allow chapter and council leaders to discuss the meaning of Decision Rights. We will look at individual organizational policies, identify inconsistencies, and discuss better , fairer ways to address behavior.

Leadership IRL

Leadership IRL workshops cover the best practices of leadership, the value of personality testing, and Kínisi's Strategic Identity approach, then offer long-term consulting support to help students bring revolutionary visions to reality!

Kínisi Strategic Identity (SI)

This workshop focuses exclusively on the value of a Strategic Identity, drawing to real-world examples from the business world and helping chapter/council leaders develop a simple and powerful SI Map to improve ALL areas of operation and need.

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HQ Staff & Volunteer Training

Helping Your Teams Build Trust, Coach Effectively, & Catalyze Change

Nik has more than 10 years of experience managing teams, and helped build one of the most successful fraternity growth programs in the country at Delta Sigma Phi in addition to a unique, student-centered advising and consulting approach focused on honest communication, self-government, and developing trust between students, volunteers, and HQ staffs. 

Our training workshops can help staff and volunteers improve their advising skills, recruitment tactics, and help them better prioritize how to work with students, all in a way which results in greater respect and communication between members and their governing organizations. 

Trainings For. . .

Expansion Teams

Supplement your training programs with workshops from Kínisi to assist with campus/member prospecting, relationship-development, marketing efforts, and best practices for one on one recruitment. 

Volunteer Advisers

We can help advisers develop an "Advisory Compass," practice coaching conversations, and learn to identify red flags so that they can respectfully and effectively influence chapter leaders to make the right choices.

HQ Consultants

These workshops supplement your existing staff training and can focus on travel, establishing consulting priorities, coaching conversations, conflict resolution, and helping chapters avoid slippery slopes.

National Board

Get into the minds of your students and volunteers. These workshops are ideal for C-level boards or councils to help work through difficult policy decisions and to better understand today's generation of college student. 

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Any of the Kínisi workshops and training programs can be customized to fit your organizational history and needs. It all starts with a call to determine whether our integrative approach can do for you what it has done for thousands of fraternity/sorority leaders across America.

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