Kínisi (KEE-nih-see)

Greek for "Movement"

Kínisi (by Nik Koulogeorge) offers content and consulting solutions to move organizations forward. 

Nik's workshops, consulting, and supplemental content products help organizational leaders strengthen their brand identity, improve communication, and prepare for responsible growth. Based on more than 10 years of professional experience, Nik's integrative approach has resulted exceptional growth and management improvements in the nonprofit and fraternity/sorority world.  

How Kínisi Develops Solutions

Integrative Solutions

Kínisi products are not compartmentalized to one area of fraternity operations. Instead, Nik offers  workshops and content to help organizations embed why they exist into everything they say and do

The results are better growth, less apathy, and efficient organizational management.

Leadership IRL

Kínisi prioritizes workshops, coaching solutions, and self-facilitation resources to help translate leadership education (potential leadership) to real-world application (kinetic leadership). 

That means long-term support to help any organization achieve audacious goals.

Member Empowerment

At the heart of Nik's 10+ experience in growth, communication, and organizational management is a commitment to establishing trusting relationships between organizations and their members. 

Nik helps groups establish two-way channels to improve relationships.

What Our Solutions Look Like

Consulting Services

Kínisi means "Movement" in Greek, and Nik's mission is to help organizations connect their mission to modern challenges. His consulting services all focus on returning to a limited, central purpose to help organizations strategically plan, mend relationships, and improve communication practices. 


Organizational change starts at recruitment, and Nik's integrative approach to organizational management helps groups practice "Good Growth," reduce apathy, challenge outdated traditions, and establish a well-defined niche for long-term success. (Great for Councils, Expansion Teams, & Recruitment Officers)

Supplemental Content

Organizations rely on quality communication to build trusting relationships and efficiency in operations. Kínisi offers communication campaign management assistance as well as contract content services to flesh out your existing communication efforts and embed your fraternity's mission and teachings into everything you do!

Governance Consulting

It is largely ignored that fraternity organizations are ultimately governing organizations. Nik's governance consulting is uniquely catered to helping organizations better delegate "Decision Rights," to helping students find their voice, and to reforming policies. Banning things feels good, but it is rarely if ever the most effective or responsible solution.

How can we work together?

The above form is for inquiries into Kínisi consulting and content services. No solicitations.

Rates: Kínisi offerings by Nik Koulogeorge are available for a reduced, introductory rate throughout 2019. Consulting services start at $100/hr, Workshops at $1,000/full day, and Content services vary depending on the quantity and type of content desired. Please use the above form to get in touch with Nik and explore what will work best for your organization or group!